For us
  Swap Cafe is a new standard for a high live-style. We need energetic, positive people, dedicated to their work and decided to give the best they can, so we can always be innovative and respond to our customers’ demands. Our success is a result of our perfectionism for customer service and our team work. This is the reason why we are always open and ready to help young and intelligent people, who have the ability to work under stress conditions. If you meet these requirements you can find your place in our team. The whole family of companies in Varchev Group gives its employees an opportunity for future development, depending on their personal qualities and ambitions. Everybody has the right to get a high standard, and it’s our duty to help you reach it. In our company everybody reaches to the point to which his talent, ambitions and diligence bring him/her.

Send us your CV to e-mail: [email protected] and we will get in touch with you if there is any available position.
Swap cafe is an attractive place for business meetings and relaxation. Come and visit the first-ever Business cafe in Europe and touch the elegance and the high life-style of the stock pioneers.
In Swap Cafe you can feel the spirit of the world’s financial markets enjoying specially prepared for you cocktails, an atmosphere filled with the success and the ambitions of the business leaders.

Financial Press

Read the latest events and comments in the free editions of the newspapers Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Money and Diaries. Keep up with the latest news about the world exchange market watching CNBC and Bloomberg on wide-screen LCD Televisions; take a rest watching FTV, MTV, Eurosport and other selected channels...